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About Us

For 33 years, through market changes and technological progress, our focus has always been to provide exceptional client service whether in medical assistance, travel services or vehicle assistance. We’re all working at Marm Assistance together toward the goal of creating “value” for our clients. As big as we grow, as far as we reach, and as successful as we become, we stay connected to our clients (to you) and to each other.


Mission Frame

We create value adding, ingenious solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Vision Frame

We are here “to make it possible”, to assist you, in all circumstances, around the world even when it seems impossible.

For more than three decades, the people of Marm Assistance have transformed the assistance needs into products that serve the vital needs of a growing industry.

Our Services

Today, we’re one of the world’s largest assistance providers, with 160+ employees serving customers in Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus & Asia. For the past 33 years, we shape the "assistance solutions" (tailor made) special for your unique needs & deliver high quality services. All this done by our exceptional dynamic and diverse multilingual team consisting of doctors, nurses, technical specialists & IT professionals.


Medical Assistance

Top-quality, innovative and ultra-responsive solutions with our in-house medical team.

Vehicle Assistance

Reliable and professional roadside support with digital IT solutions like our "Towing Tracking System".

Travel Services

Your all around "support center" with an IATA approved Travel Agency Marm Travel.

Do You Have a Question ?

You can still contact us while our website is under construction. Call +90 216 560 0 724 or email to info@marm.com.tr for your inquiries. Our team of professionals would be delighted to assist you. You can also use the form below.